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5 thoughts on “Club Patron (Lifetime)

  1. it’s sad that i’ve spent 20 minutes trying to reset my password when all i want to do is make a $600 donation and sign up to be a life member…how many people give up first? will i give up before i figure this out?

    1. I’m terribly sorry about that! If you are having trouble with the gateway, or password, please let me know, and I’ll change it for you. Call me: 312-961-4742

    2. Did you see my response? I can’t contact you because there is no email or phone attached to your post. Feel free to call me: 312-961-4742

    1. Dennis: I am so sorry that we just noticed your question. Apparently we have a notification problem with comments, which I will address now. The answer is no, you cannot use MasterCard as PayPal. But you can use any credit card. Were you able to figure it out? Do you need any more help? Please call (312) 961-4742 and ask for Jeffrey, if you need any help at all.

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